Log 2

05 07 23
This morning we take the dinghy to the bigger of the two LÚrins÷arna - ╬le St-Marguerite.There are many fine paths around the island. On the north side we come to "Fort Royal". It was built in the 17th centuary by Richelieu. During 11 years the famous man with the iron mask, whose indentity never surely could be establised, was prisoned here. In 1698 he was transfered to The Bastille where he spent his last years up to his death 1703.

Later in the day I take out the remedies to be used in the diesel-tank I have got from Calle from Krossholmen. One is an enzym-detergent which cleans the tank from mucus and other dirt - the other a biocid which kills micro-organisms living in the tank. As a matter of fact there are organisms who like the conditions a dieseltank can offer. These can cause great trouble to the motor and almost destroy it.

05 07 25
Yesterday we left the LÚrinislands and went by motor to "Anse de Salis" just outside Antibes. We have anchored outside the harbour during the night but to day we are going into the marina because it feels safer as we are going on a visit.
Anna-Karin goes to the harbour office to find a place for us while I am circuling around waiting for news from A-K. Suddenly the motor starts going very badly and finally stops. I can restart it but when idling it vill stop. Not good. I suspect there is problem with the fuel-support but it has to wait because A-K is now back
and we are going ashore.

We take the bus up to St Paul, a little mountain- village with a wall around. Here lies the famous restaurant La Colombe d┤Or. Many famous artists┤ paintings hang on the wall. They paid with with painting when they were short of money - Picasso, Mirˇ, Matisse, Braque and many more.
After lunch we take a walk to Fondation Maeght - regarded as one of the finest art museum of Europe.for modern art. We walk in the "Labyrinthe de Mirˇ", look at sculptures of Giacometti and Calders, paintings of Picasso, Chagall, Matisse and Bracques and many more.

Back on the boat it┤s time for the problem with the motor. When I emty the filter to the fuel line there are lots of jelly lumps - an obvious example of dead micro organisms. I change my two fuel filters while A-K goes to the Picasso museum in Antibes. After the changing I start the motor again and everything seems alright.

05 07 26
We leave Antibes after some discussion about the habour price. Soon the problem with the motor starts again.
After thinking of what the problem might be I decide to look at the tank side. When I loosen the fuel line to the tank I can see that the connection to the tank is nearly full of jelly lumps. No wonder that any fuel could pass! After cleaning the system the motor purrs very well again.

05 07 29
We are still in Villefranche and deside to take the train to Ventimiglia in Italy. It┤s Friday and there is a big market there. Here everything can be bougt and I mean everything that are copies - from clothes to watches.
A-K buys a Gucci belt and a Gucci handbag. Before we leave V. we also buy some Italian delicacies to have later.
On our way back we also stop in Monaco to look around. Here you can buy the same things as in Italy but to quite different prices. All seem to have plenty of money - regarding to the exclusive cars we can see everywhere- Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini and so on.

We also visit the Casino but not the inner rooms where yuo have to pay to com in.After a couple of hours we go back again to Villefranche

05 07 30
We leave V. where we have stayed for five days. We hope now to come to Portoferraio on the Italian island Elba. The forecast promise hard winds from stern but that seems to be wrong because we have to start going by motor.
In the afternoon the wind comes and we can start sailing. It increases all the time and in the night it blows
13-15 m/s. Early in the morning we passes Cap Corse - the northest part of Corsica. It┤s famous for its hard winds and suddenly it┤s blowing 20 m/s. The boat rushes like an express train with only a little bit of the genua out as only sail. After an hour it has calmed down an we are back at 10-12 m/s.
When A-K asks for a glas of water in the morning she immediately spits it out and cries out - "salt water".
What has happened? But soon I understand that the manual pump that can pump salt water as well as fresh water is the cause of the problem. When sailing hard salt water can be pressed into the fresh water tank. That is what has happened now.

Later on the wind fades away and we are forced to go by motor the last hours to Portoferraio.The waves are still high and we have a very unpleasant voyage ahead..At two in the afternoon we are in the harbour and soon starts the cleaning of the boat - specially the water tanks. Tired and after a short walk we go to bed early.