Log 3

05-08 -01
Today we move from the marina in Portoferraio because they want 35 €/night. We change to a bay instead - just outside the marina and take the dinghy when we want to go ashore.
Beside us in the marina we had a Bavaria 40 with a man and a woman from Switzerland. They were not happy when we spoke to them because their septic tank had broken and the whole content had spread all over the boat.
They had now to clean it all over.

To day I succeding in finding a company that could fill our big 11 kg gasol bottle - very cheap it also was . But the men helping me couldn`t a word English so it took me some time to explain what I wanted.

05 -08 -03
Still left in Portoferraio. Today we bye food. There is a huge super market (Coop) just 50 m from where we go ashore with our dinghy.What a great luck for us not to have to carry everything a long distance as we use to do.

We also have time to look at the old "La Luna Rossa" , the boat Italy used in America´s Cup in New Zeeland. It lies here because P. is the home harbour for Italy in America`s Cup.

05- 08 -04
Today we sail to Porto Azurro on the eastern coast of Elba. Because the wind is weak we mostly go by motor. We anchor in a bay outside together with innumerable other boats. I have to tell a Belgian boat to move a little bit futher because he lies too near. But he is not happy but we had anchered first.

05 - 08-05
We decide to sail to Corsica. The wheather forecast promise NO with strength 4-5 (Beaufort). It is perfect for the crossing 50 Nm long. Coming days the winds will be weak so we very much want to use this good oppurtunity. But after an hour the wind fades away and we have to start the motor.After a short while we can switch it off and sail in a weak breeze. In the evening we have to start the motor again and we go to Campoloro or Port de Taverna, which is the name of the harbour. It is now very dark and we have to use the radar to find our way in. Everything is closed but we find a bit of quay where we can stay.
In the morning A-K walks to the bakery and buys some baguettes and croissants and after a short breakfast we start sailing againg.
After two hours by motor we can sail again.The wind increases all the time and soon we have to reef the main sail and wind in a couple of rolls of the genua. The wind is now 12-14 m/s and comes unfortunately straight ahead. When we come to Golfe de Pinarellu we go into the bay and anchor up. I dive down to see that the anchor has got a good grip in the sand bottom.
Soon it is quite calm and we go to bed to sleep. But the boat rolls heavily in the waves and it is qiute uncomfortable. After a while it gets better and we sleep well

All well onboard!.