Log 4 2005-08-14

We sail the short distance in to Porto Vecc fill up our supplies. Because there are many boats around we ancher a little bit outside the harbour where there are more quiet.
Last year we were here too when we had to visit the emergency of the hospital when A-K had hurt her hand on a broken bottle. This time our visit here are more pleasent. We take a walk in the town before we go to the super-market. In another shop we buy a bit of "Lanzas,"a filet of pork that are both smoked and dried.
We transport the dinghy full of food back to the Unicorn.

We take the dinghy another time Porto Veccio to fill up the supply of wine. We have found a shop where you can buy wine loose and you pay for what you have got. We buy both red and rosé and we pay 1.90 euro/litre for excellent quality.

We leave Porto Veccio for this time. We sail in light breeze southwards to Golfe de Porto Novo. It is a little bay with very clear water and we stay there over night. Unfortunately there had been a forest fire ashore so the surroundings are not very beautiful.

To day we take a jump over to Sardinia and Italy again. We sail over the strait of Bonifacio until we come to the archipelago of Maddalena on the north of Sardinia. The first try to anchor, Cala Lunga on the island Razzoli, turns out to be impossible as you have to lie at outlaid bouys. This is for the protection of the sensitive bottom.
Instead we sail to Cala Giorgio Marino where there is more space. In the night it is very beautiful with the anchor lights from all the boats. You get an illusion of a sky full of stars from all the lights.

We suddenly get a gale warning on our Navtex-reciever. It is a warning for thunder with winds up to 18 m/s. We reanchor to better face whatīs coming. We check the weather forecast that says that coming night the wind will blow straight into the bay where we are so we decide to move.
We go by motor 5 Nm south to Liscia. It is a rather big bay. There we find good shelter. In the night we can see lightnings rather far away and the wind increases to more than 15 m/s.
In the same bay there are a fleet of rented Bavarias and many of them get problems with their anchoring. It is not always easy to be unexperient in such cases and many boats crash into each other.
We have put up our little anchor sail not to "sail" to and fro, which is a good help.
A-K spent the day painting while we are waiting for the wind to decrease.

We leave Liscia and sail with only genua in to Palau to fill water but we canīt find an emty place here so we go on over the strait to Maddalena and Cala Gavetta. We canīt stay over night here - there is no place - . We set sails and go southwards in 10-12 m/s. We pass Porto Cervo and hope to find a place on Cala di Volpe. Here are already an enormous fleet of super yacts - the biggest one we have ever seen.
In the evening the tender boats go into the restaurant at the hotel ashore. At night the bay are lit up by the spotlights on the masts of the yacts. Very impressive.

During the night it is blowing rather heavily but we set sails in the morning and pass Olbia and anchor in a little bay called Porto Brandinghi. Now we lie here together with 10 other boats with a wind steadily on 12 m/s and so it shall be until the morning.