Logg 5

05 08 14
When we wake up in the morning it is still blowing NW 10/s so we decide to go south. But during the breakfast it increases to 14-15 m/s, so we stay where we are.

Next day the wind is weak and we start sailing. But soon the wind is changing and the last 2 hours we go by motor into the marina Santa Maria. But the harbour is full so we have to go another 3 Nm to Arbatrax - a dull, industrial town.

05-08 16
We leave Arbatrax and go to a little island just outside A. But where to go? It is far between the marinas. After 4 calls from A-K to Santa Maria,. where we tried yesterday, we can get a place there.
It takes us only 10 minutes. To lie in a marina is a marvellous experience. It is full of life. Most people back their boats to quay, which gives the bridge much of a folklore life that we are not used to. Children play, food is made and eaten, boats are washed, there is a lot of musik and singing - it is very pleasant.

05-08 18
What shall we do now? Go south and round Sardinia or not. We listen to both the French and Italian forecasts. They give us different messages - not unusual. It is 70 Nm to the nearest marina southwards so we go north again.
At about 6 o´clock pm and 55 Nm we drop the anchor in Cala Coda Cavalla - a wonderful bay with fine sand bottom.

Now the Mistral comes again. It is the hard NE wind that comes through the Rhone Valley into the Mediterranean. Just in the strait between Corsika and Sardinia it gets a Venturi effect that increases the force of wind.
It will probably blow for 4-5 days so we are in no hurry to go into the Strait of Bonifacio. Instead we sail to Olbia- a little town on the NE of Sardinia.
Here we go shopping and look around. We lie at the old quay of the town - free of cost - but without el and water, but that is alright.
The weather is not so good - it´s rainy and cloudy - so we have to put on warmer clothes.

05-08 21
Now we have seen enough of Olbia and intend to go out and lie in a little bay outside and wait for the Mistral blowing past.

All well aboard!
Anna-Karin and Håkan