Log 7

Yeasterday we checked the forecast another time because all other boats had left the bay at Cabo Testa and we were alone. We felt we had missed something. When we got the French report we heard the wind was going up to 11 m/s straight into our bay, so we left imediately. It took us 1 hour to round Cabo Testa and when we dropped the anchor we were only 300 m from where we had been before.

We went up early next morning because we wanted to sail 50 Nm to Stintimo and from there next day to Menorca.
We had a fantastic sailing and logged steadily between 6-7 knots. When we were approaching Stintimo we decided therefore to go on directly to Menorca without any stops. We sailed with full speed through the straight of Fornelli. It was only 3 m deep here so it was rather exiting sailing here but it was a short cut.
Everything went well and after 20 min we were out on deep water again.

Because we now had 48-hours sailing ahead, we had out our trail-generator to get enough electricity to our auto-pilot, lanterns, dator and fridge.

The night has been very calm and almost with no waves. Our speed is now about 5-6 kn. We have not seen any other boats and we have a comfortable voyage.

Another calm night with only a couple of vessels in sight. The speed has now decreased to 4 kn. We have tried to fish to get something fresh for dinner but with bad result.
We have seen a lot of dolphins playing around the boat. It is always very facinating to watch these lithe animals moving in the water.

Before noon we get Menorca in sight and at 4 o´clock we drop anchor in the bay under La Molla. It has been an oversailing of 250 Nn. which has been like a dream. It can´t be better than that.
In the bay there are plenty of boats but we have no problem to get place.

We have now laid in the bay outside Mahon a couple of days and been in town some times to shop and stroll around.
A-K has shopped in a shop for artists and bought papers in all sizes and qualities. She also bought pens and brushes for her painting.
We have also been adopted in the American circle for long sailing that is lying here.
Tonight we are invited to a cocktailparty with dinner on board of aboat from Seattle lying beside us.
Tomorrow - Sunday - we are going to visit the Museum of Menorca. On Sundays it is free of cost.

All well here on Menorca!
Håkan and Anna-Karin