Log 9

Today we sail north and come finally to to a deep carved bay called Addaya. This place looks fine for staying over- night in spite of many stationary buoys. We drop anchor beside an other Swedish boat lying at a buoy. I recognise the name and it turns out to be a friend from OSK. We check in the matricula and I send a tele-message to the owner that everything seems to be alright.
In a couple of minutes I get a thankful reply from the owner who is back in Sweden during the summer.

We sail south again as the forecast says southerly winds. Our destination for the day is Cala Cavas. But mostly we have to go by motor.We are lucky when we come there - there is only one boat there - and the best place is free.
In Cava there are many caves - cut in - and used as tombs during the Iron and Bronze Ages.
There are also many natural caves which we visit by our dinghy, very exiting. But Anna-Karin finds it a bit too exiting when I drive far into the darkness.

05-09 13
Fine sailing wind to-day to going westwards. We go to Cala Mitjana -a bay with turquoise water and fine sand shore. Here we can see woods of coniferious trees and we make a lot of sihgtseeing with our dinghy.

The weather forecast says winds from the west later in the week so we set sails with course Pollenza on Mallorca. We get fine sailing the whole day with about 6-7 knots and about 6 o´clock we drop anchor at Cala Formentor.

05-09 15
To-day we anchor outside Puerto Pollensa as Anna-Karin wants to take a bus to the air port in Palma. She is going to Sweden for a couple of days. The two weeks A-K is away I will spend at "Moll Transit" in the harbour. As it is now low season it will only cost me 4 euro/ day excl. el and water.

We go into the harbour and take a place at "Moll Transit" because of a gale warning. The night is quite calm but at morning it starts raining.
But it dosen´t matter - we lie safely - tied to the quay.
It goes on raining the whole day, which we spend by reading and looking at DVD-films.

Anna-Karin and Håkan