Log 13, 2005-11-22

We can now see that winter is coming here in Barcelona. Itīs much more cooler now than before.The temperature at noon is now about 15-20 degrees and at night about 8-10.

More and more we begin to know the other cews living in their boats here in the marina and some of them we see rather often.

Here are many well equipped boat-shops within convinient distance and one day I visited yard renovating super-yachts.

We have noticed that Barcelona is a very popular place for Swedes to visit. Often when we are out in town we can hear our native language. Of course that depends on that itīs very cheap to fly here by Ryan air. One day, when I was out cycling, a saw a group of 20 Swedes standing in the middle of the cycling road. Not good traffic manners!

To our good habits belong now that we have started up exercising. Every second day we run a bit and gradually we increase the distance. Itīs only to put on the training clothes and after two minutes we are at the beach where we can start the running.
The man, who got us to start running is Peter from South Africa. He has a background as a professional surfer and later an exerciser of Triathlon. He has taken part in 4 real "Iron Man"
(4 km swimming, 42 km running and 180 km cycling all without pausing). He has also taken part in the classical "Iron Man" on Hawai. So we now have him as sparring partner.

On Wednesday 23th we shall go to a concert in Palau de Musica, the big and very well-known consert hall here in B. We are going to listen to a consert called "Tribute to Glenn Miller".
We are sure it will be great fun and we are going to report about it in the next log.

We finish with some words we can read on the T-shirts on some of the crews.
"There is nothing that goes windward like a 747"
Surely, surely!

Håkan and Anna-Karin.