Log 1, 2006-01-05

Here is the first report from the Unicorn 2006 and we wish all A HAPPY NEW YEAR.

In the last log we told you about a coming dockparty. It took place on the 25th and was very pleasant. Everybody should bring something typical for their country. We brought gingerbread biscuits with a blend of green mould cheese and philadelphia cheese - very appreciated. The weather was good - sunshine and 16 degrees.

We had already celebrated Christmas Eve on the 24th according to Swedish tradition. We had almost everything what we use to have on our Christmas table. Anna-Karinīs parents had brougt what we couldnīt get here. The only thing we missed was a Swedish "snaps"to the herring.
Later in the evening we had boiled rice pudding.

On New Years Eve our friends Agneta and Anders came to spend the week-end together with us. We started the celebration by going to our favourite tapas- restaurant. There was crowdy and noicy but a wonderful spirit.
Now we have learnd to greet the personnel in Catalan, which seems to be very appreciated.

The Catalans want to be independent and they mark all the time that they donīt always accept what comes from the capital Madrid. Catalonia is the richest region of Spain and that they are very much aware of.

On New Years Eve we had booked a table on La Fonda, a restaurant in Old town. Before going there we gathered on the Unicorn for some drinks as also our friends Marilyn and Clive on the Gabbiana were going to join us.
The evening on La Fonda was very pleasant. We started with the first dish at 21 and stopped eating at 24, just before the celebration of the New Year.
According to the tradition we all got a small bag with 12 grapes. If you managed to catch and swollow one for each stroke of the clock that will bring you happiness for the coming year.
Nobody succeded in doing that so we will see what happens.

In a big city like Barcelona you have to be very careful. That we got proof of the next day when we heard of two ladies from the marina being robbed of their handbags. Fortunately nothing of great value got lost - only some lipsticks and small money, but no credit cards.
A man had simply torn their handbags and ran quickly away. Unfortunately they also lost their eye-glasses.

Some days in of the new year we are waiting for the last part of the Spanish celebration of the New Year which takes place on the 6th of January. It all culminates with great prossesions through the city. Itīs the day of "the tree kings". They arrive by boat, get ashore are followed by lots of people. It will be interesting to follow this part of the Spanish celebration. Hopefully the weather will be better because just now itīs raining.

Håkan and Anna-Karin