Log 2, 06-01-27

It was as we had feared. When the tree kings arrived on the 5th of January the weather was miserable. It was drizzling and only 5 degrees and besides a cold wind was blowing from north. In spite of these miserable conditions thousands of inhabitants from Barcelona were out to welcome the three wise men. They had built up a big stage with enormous loud speakers. The mood was absolutely on top.Of course TV was there and all was sent live.
The kings arrived on a big tree masted ship escorted by hundreds of small boats. The enthusiasm was undecribable when the kings with company went ashore.
After 2 hours we went back to our boat and watched the rest on TV. Unfortunately we donīt have any pictures to show because we hadnīt brought our camera in the bad weather.

The last weeks the weather has been fine with temperatures up to15-16 and a lot of sunshine.
At night it is between 5-10. We have so far no problem with moisture on board. In the mornings we sometimes have steam on the windows in the "sleeping room." Some boats loudly complain over their moisture problem. Our "sandwich-built" boat doesnīt seem to have this problem.

To keep the warmth we use three "frost-guards" on 200W each. In spite of their small effect they excellently improve the climate onboard. And as they donīt have any moving parts make them sure to use.

As strengthening we somtimes start the diesel heater in the morning to get an agreeable temperature in short time. When I get up in the morning I start it and at the same time I start the short wave radio to listen on news from Radio Sweden.

While we lie here in Barcelona and have wireless broadband we can very well follow what happens in Sweden. By the computer we almost every day watch "Rapport" and "Akuellt". We also like to watch "On the Rail".
Sometimes we amuse ourselves by looking on DVD-films. There is no problem with new titles as we change discs between the boats in the marina.

Gradually we have started to fix things on the list for spring-equipment but more about this in the next log.

Håkan & Anna-Karin.