Log 3, 2006-02-02

It has been very bad weather here in Barcelona and not only here but over great parts of Spain.
It has rained so heavily that the whole town has been flooded - I never thought that it could rain so much. The sewage system couldn´t handle so much water and all streets flooded.
And that means that the water in the marina has been extremely dirty. All kind of garbage has been floating around and smells awfully. But the people in the marina do what they can do in a special constructed boat to remove the garbage.

Besides it has been cold here - only about 3 degrees. During these days the "Eberspächer" has been very useful. In great parts of Spain the rain has fallen as snow which has created big trouble as they are not used to handle much snow here.

There hasn´t been more strong wind than stong breeze but instead there have been big waves. I haven´t seen anything like that before - they are almost difficult to describe. Luckily fo us the Marina Port Vell is well sheltered so nothing has been damaged here.
But the damages on the shore have been enormous. Look at the enclosed pictures:

Barcelonas_stolthet.JPG (79810 byte)

Strand.JPG (103856 byte)

Tradack.JPG (74849 byte)

Two days ago a Nauticat 33 tried to go from the Marina to Port Olympic. They should lift the boat to install a bow propeller. The distance is only a mile. But it was impossible, almost dangerous, to go the short trip over open water. Look at the picture over the entrance to Port Olymplic what the waves have done.

Last week I got a really bad cold but "doctor" Anna-Karin forbade me to take anything from the supply of penicillium. So I had only to use Alvedon to cure the cold but now I´m much better.

The weather is very changable here and now it is very fine with 21 degrees C in the shadow. I have been stitting in the boat with only shorts and T-shirt and a cold beer.

I´m alone onboard now because A-K is back in Sweden for a project in the company she worked in before. She will probably stay for 2 months - and I hope there will be no delays. The project is about taking care of the marketing of a collection of feast clothes designed by Lars Wallin, a famous designer i Sweden.

I have no problem by filling my days here with interesting contents. Maintenance of the boat and improvments take time and I also help the other crews in the marina by computer problems and installations. I seldom have to make my own dinner because there is almost somebody who invites me to dinner as thanks for my help. An excellent arrangement I think.

Saludas de Barcelona!