Log 5, 06-03-19 our place in the marina

Our boat has been run into by another boat (a ketch), owned by the University of Barcelona. This boat is used for the education of pupils studying marine technology.

One day last week the boat was on its way out but had dificulty in manoevring because of hard wind. It suddenly smashed into our boat´s stern where we have a big Bruce anchor, which saved us from a serious damage. However the holder of the anchor had been bent.

skada1.JPG (55173 byte) skada2.JPG (34528 byte)

A man from a mechanical workshop has estimated the repairing cost to 200-300 € that shall be paid by the university.
The accident occured on a Friday afternoon and I was promised that a man from the university would come the following Monday to discuss the damage. But no one came.

On Wednesday I therefore went to the university 400 m away to find the man. I was surprised of how few people here could speak English. In broken Spanish I explained my errand - that I wanted to see a responsible person and made clear how I wanted to settle the matter.

They were not interested in making a deal and left it to their insurance company. I threatened to talk to "my lawyer" if nothing happened.

I can assure you that what I describe here is a short version of what really happened.
Hopefully I can start repairing as soon as possible. The whole thing has given me a good insight in Spanish bureaucracy and how heavy the system can be.

But I look upon it as a good training before coming sailings to far more away places.