Log 6 2006-04-03

Our anchor holder is now alright again.
In my last log I told you that I waited for a repesentative from the insurance company of the university. As I feared nobody came as was settled. Instead - 2 hours delayed - a new representative from the univeristy came. Now they had sent a man who could speak excellent English. His name was Jordi- very nice - and he explained that an insurance company shouldn´t be involved. The excess was 800 € and repairing the holder would probably be much cheaper. We agreed that I would dismantle the holder and leave it for rapair to a man - Sr. Forner - very clever on stainless. He has a workshop near the marina.

This solution I had suggested for over tow weeks. But nobody had listened and now I avoided coming with any sarcastic comments. Instead I praised him for his good ideas and told him that we should have thought of this before. After one week I got our holder back in an excellent shape. You can´t see that it has been damaged .

Yesterday it was Sunday and the weather was very good. I took my ordinary run along the beach which was a little bit difficult because of all the people strolling around. I have noticed that the tourist season is approaching. There are now many tourist buses passing the marina. I suppose that many of the tourists are Swedes, because I can see that many of them are pointing at our flag on the boat.