Log 7, 2006-04-12

Last week our old water-heater gave up. But it was very difficult to dismantle the old heater. It took me almost a whole day.
I couldn´t possibly find a new one here i Barcelona so I had to call to Anna-Karin in Sweden and ask her to buy a new heater and bring it with her when she now is going back to Barcelona. At Hjertman´s boat shop they had a price reduction this week on heaters (luckily for us) so she bought an Isotemps 24 l there.

You maybe think that warm water in a boat is a luxury you can be without but we don´t think so. We like to live as comfortable as possible in our boat so when Anna-Karin arrived last Tuesday I started to install the new heater and here you can see how it looks like:

VV-beredare.JPG (57891 byte) New water-heater

Gammal_beredare.JPG (71642 byte) Old water-heater

Trasigt_element.JPG (77904 byte) Broken immersion heater

Now the crew are complete again and soon we will cut the moorings. Anna-Karin is rather tired after working very hard the last weeks and when she has recovered her strength we will sail soutwards to The Islas Baleares. But before that we will join a group of friends and make a trip to a little village in the mountains and have a Catalan dinner. The restaurant is called The Vinyanova and serve a typical Catalan meny - very special and delicious. www.vinyanova.com

Happy Easter
Håkan and Anna-Karin